1. februar 2015

What to knit and the million ideas ...

Do you know feeling of having a million of ideas in your head what to knit or sew and the getting started is a challenge!

Since I started my project Use Less - inspired by the dane behind Project Handmade - I have been looking around in blog world for more inspiration from others with similar projects or life style.
Milla the girl from Finland living US is also a big inspiration. She writes about her life, findings and style in an amazing way which gives me ideas to re-use what I have.
Melody french girl living Latvia - if you needed kntting inspiration check out her blog. She knits the most amazing things cardigans, shawl and writes about her daily life and dreams.     
New knit challenge:
I looked through several knitting books ( 3 ) and finally after 2 hours I found the new knitting project - a Lene Holme Samsøe jacket.
I made a knitting sample with some dark grey wool yarn I had purchased from Garnudsalg and it is a perfect match to the project.
I love knitting it makes me calm and clears my head after a busy work day.

Friday I started on my new knitting challenge - Rita it is called - I like the feminine and cool look it has together with the dress. Can´t wait.

This arrived at the postbox friday and when I opened the bag it was send in my face turned into one big happy smile. I was very surprised to see how wonderful the colors were as it is a bit difficult to see the color online. 
The dark blue is called dark blue Wave (mørk Bølgen blå) and the light blue Iceflower (Isblomst) and both are highland wool from Garnudsalg.  
The dark blue wave will end up as a sweater later on when I´m done with Rita. 

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  1. I do know how it feels to have a million ideas and wanting to each of the Right This Minute! I have learned to write down ideas as they come to me and then just pick one when I have free time.
    I love, love, love the yarn and patterns you chose for your new projects and can't wait to see them as they progress.


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