15. januar 2015

New Years Resolution

I´m ready to embrace the new year with my Project Useless, knit more and a couple of other idea´s. I have decided to use less or no money in 2015 well inspired by this knitter and blogger 

Project Useless 2015 will start with:

Clean out my wardrobe

Sort my clothes by to keep, keep to redesign, sell or donate to secondhand shop.
Only buy basic clothes or shoes - when needed
Knit my own sweaters and cardigans - this means of cause using money to buy yarn

On the knitting side:

1st. sweater is a black mohair - a test knit and after a small shoulder sewing fix turned out to be a favorite. 
Well on my way with the second sweater - I using this amazing wool yarn  with an other wool in a petrol color.
I must admit when I started I had my doubt about the color combo however it turns out very nice.
I cant wait for it to be done, as it is still cold in DK and the weather forecast is saying: SNOW 

This mitten I knitted for Mie as she was going (are now) on a skiing trip to Norway with school. Knitted in with the softes Alpakka from Sandnes.  

The first redesign happened between x-mas and new year:
I had this beautiful blue t-shirt dress tucked at the back of the closet, a bit to short for me to wear and to fine for giveaway, so I cut 10 cm off and stitched the buttom into a long sleeves t-shirt.

What are you knitting?

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