23. december 2014

The day before Christmas ...

is always the day were everybody are busy, getting the last presents, buying the tree, remembering the last thing for the x-mas meal or driving home for Christmas.

Mie and I went downtown, picked up my contact lenses and got the rest we needed.

I finally got around to sending my holiday cards - better late than never - right!  

I have cooked the rice in milk also called Risengrød and tomorrow I´ll added almonds, sugar, vanilla and whipped cream to make Risalamande. See below ;-)

I still need to wrap gifts and finish one of the playing gifts - this year almost homemade. When done I will relax on the couch the rest of the evening to reload some energy for tomorrow.

This year we are gathering at my mom's place. 
My brother with his son, my sister with her daughter and son whom is bringing his wife and their daughters and Allan and I with Mie and Amanda and her boyfriend B.

Everyone is bringing a dish - ordres from my mon - we are bringing the danish traditional x mas dessert called Risalamande

An other tradition is our family is all kids under 18 will get gifts and the rest of us are playing for the gifts - max amount 50 dkk - each one have bought. It is a lot of fun and maybe you will get 1 or 5 or none.

Enjoy your Lille Juleaften - Christmas Eve.

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