5. september 2014

Hello september!

Back in may I wrote about knitting the God morgen-genser with a beautiful blue flax yarn. For some reason I stopped. The last couple of days I have been knitting on it again after buying a better circular needle as the one I had was driving me crazy! This one is going to be my september project together with  a other pair of socks - I like knitting socks as it is going way faster than a larger project.

A couple a days ago I received this very nice highland wool yarn by mail - the color is called sea snail not a color I´ll normally wear and maybe I have added one color more. First of all I have to figure out what project / pattern I would like to knit. A cardigan is a must.   

Love the color of the cloverflower, the dogs and I found these on one of walks. I do love wild flovers. 

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  1. OMG, the yarn is beautiful Mette, is it a lace or fingering weight? I think adding a red, or even a golden rod yellow would be gorgeous paired with it. Where did you order it? I wouldn't mind having the same color to knit a cardigan myself.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. I ordered it on a danish web side: www.garnudsalg.dk/category/blackhill-hoejlandsuld-35/ unfortunately it is only in danish.
      A golden rod yelow sounds like a great idea - thanks Tracey :-)


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