17. august 2014

Chilly saturday and rainy sunday ...

One week at work after 3 weeks of summer vacation this weekend was needed.  


Friday was a sunny day and when I got home from work I found my knitting, a pile of pillows and a ice cool glass of elderflower blended with club soda and went outside and sat there for a couple of hours knitting and in between I picked up some of the apples and plums. Unfortunally the plums are not doing the best this year due to the very warm weather and no rain while we were in Italy.   
Funny how I always while sitting I get ideas of things to to - I quess being creative with one thing set of or makes your mind think of new things. Not a bad thing I only have to learn (still) to keep focus at one thing at the time.

Later that evening I made some apples juice from all the apples I picked and added a stick of cinnanom. 
Very easy to make: 
Take as many apples you can find and run them through your juice machine. (I have a very cheap one)
Pour the juice though a cloth or a fine sieve to avoid some of the apple foam into a clean bottle and add the cinnamon stick.
Leave in the fridge  and let it soak for the day after and serve for breakfast.  

Saturday I had a very needed appointment with the hairdresser as it have been a while - 1 year - what a relief. I have very thick and lots of hair so it felt like kilo´s coming off.

Home again I took my hubby and the dogs for a walk - to go find wild blackberries and we did.  Lots of bushes with lots berries ripe and not ripe - I have to retum to pick some more and freeze them for winter time.
I made 2 glasses of jam: boiled the berries with organic cane sugar (free hand) and a stick of vanilla until I thought they had the right thickness. 

Today sunday it is a rainy day - I wonder if fall already is on it´s way the mornings are crispy and a bit colder. 

A rainy day calls for some reading and knitting in the corner of the couch:

A the moment I´m reading a book by danish authors: Øbro & Tornbjerg called The Devil's Face in danish Djaevlens Ansigt 

Knitting on my socks - hopefully I will finish today.

Have a cozy sunday.         

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  1. A cozy weekend sounds most welcome and I can't wait for one, unfortunately it still hot and humid here, I am melting!
    I am so envious of your apples, I had a few but the squirrels are being quite greedy this year and took them along with every single peach on my two trees before they were even ripe! The pear tree is loaded down so I am hoping to have something left for me to can.
    Enjoy a beautiful week.

    1. I hope you will get a cozy weekend soon Tracey. I cant wait to see what you are going to make with your pears :-)

  2. Svar
    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. It was however it went way to fast like weekends always do ;)

  3. Ja det var godt nok hårdt at starte op fra ferie søde men nu er vi i topform haha NOT!!! Tak for en skøn dag i går <3


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