11. august 2014

A sunday in august...

and tomorrow worklife is coming back.
This time it is harder than normal and my mind and body are screaming more vacation or give us a break for always being on more than 100 %!
Looking on the positve side perhaps a change is needed after the 6 months of my life, mind and soul turned up side down with stress and still sits there and the fact it will taking time to get ride of.

Our vacation in Italy was wonderful.

We did all you do on a vacation: relaxed, swimmed, sunbathe, visited some of the small cities on 1 side of the lake Garda, went to Verona and Venezia, ate lots of italian icecream and enjoyed every minute of the vacation.

I took hundreds of pictures and have to sort them over the next couple of weeks and show you. 
The funniest thing happened arriving in Venezia I wanted to take some pictures and turned my camera on and it didnt take pictures! Then it dawned on me I had forgotten to add the battery and the battery was back in the mobile home - CHARGING!
So some of my pictures are taken with my iphone and my luck that day it also ran out of battery as I hadn´t not charged it! Oh well some times things happens for a reason :-)

Back in Denmark home again after a 19 hours drive and a good night sleep in our own beds (I missed my bed) we picked up Papaya at my oldest daughter Amanda´s place.

During the week we have packed and bought the last things Mie needs to go sports bording school and yesterday we drove her to the school she is staying for the next year together with 107 other sports crazy and fun kids.

I already miss her however I know in my heart she will have a great year as you can see in the picture and that makes me calm <3

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I hope one day to visit Italy, one day.

    I'm so happy for your daughter, but I do know that mama ache, hugs Mette.

    1. I hope you can go to one day Tracey and yes I miss her however I know she is having a great time and that makes it easier <3


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