24. august 2014

A pair of knitted socks ..


The knitted socks I started on them during the vacation to Italy - a bit to warm to knit with wool on a hot summerday :)
They are very cozy to wear on a chilly summerday/evening and when fall and winter comes they will be perfect. I already have a new pair on the needles - a simple pattern - you cant get enought of home knitted socks can you! 

Look what my plumtree delivered and there are still lots more on the tree.
I´ll make plum jam with a hint of cinnamon out of this bowl and maybe a plum crumblecake or/and some plum chutney later this week.

I have this tree near my kitchen window and the sparrows loves it, they sit there and tells stories while they are cleaning themselves. 
The tree is dead and I wanted to remove it - not now as I enjoy the company and the stories.   

Enjoy your sunday and the week coming up.

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  1. I love your socks Mette. I was just sitting here trying to decide what new project I could cast on and now I think I know, socks! While it is still too hot for socks you are so right, this winter a pair of hand knit socks will be perfect.

    I wouldn't remove the tree either, love your view of the bird!
    Have a great Sunday and a great week.

    1. Thanks Tracey cant wait to see your socks.
      Enjoy your week.


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