13. juli 2014

Walking the dogs

The last couple of days the weather has been very hot in Denmark around 30 celsius. Wednesday was the hottest and very windy so windy that our parasol tryed to fly like superman however it crash down between the plum and apple trees instead and now we need a new one :-)
Friday when I came home from work the dogs and I took a walk knowing we needed fresh air - the grandold lady Luna was not at all satisfied she walked the slowest ever and Papaya was very impatient as she wanted to walk fast and be all over so here I was stuck in the middle asking one to walk faster and telling one to slow down - they are crazy  <3  

Today is a rainy day well needed my garden is happy and I have spend the day inside cutting a new dress to bring on vacation, knitting and taking a nap loading for the week to come and at the moment sitting right here writing and watching the final World Cup game with my hubby.

May your week be great.  

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  1. Your dogs are beautiful and I love their names. I have a huge place in my heart for all animals, well, except snakes...yuck!
    Your photos show just how beautiful Denmark is and makes me wish I could visit, maybe one day.
    The World Cup was pretty good wasn't it?

    1. My door is open and the room if you come to DK - could be fun :-)
      It was good the World Cup - did you watch all the games?

  2. Denne kommentar er fjernet af en blogadministrator.

  3. The hot windy weather in Denmark sounds just like the weather we've had here the last few days. In fact, our sun umbrella broke, too! Your dogs are so cute--what great friends they must be. I have a pug dog named Elvis, and he is a very good friend to me. He keeps me smiling and going out for walks even when I don't feel like it, which is good for me. What a beautiful tree-lined path! It looks so shady and peaceful. And that drift of wildflowers is so lovely! Knitting, sewing, napping, and getting ready for a vacation sounds like a perfect Sunday. : )

  4. They are great friends and they make me smile. I saw the picture of Elvis he looks like lots of fun also :-)
    The sunday was great.


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