4. juli 2014


I have for the 3.rd and last time this year picked my favorite elderflower as the flowers are turning into berries.
I have again made more cordial. It is standing in our shed and has been soaking since sunday and today I poured the cordial onto bottles - this time it is more lemon tasty. 
This time I will also try to make some syrup with some vanilla or cinnamon and cordial for soft drinks, cakes or maybe I should try to make some icecream.

The leaves of wild strawberries, some of my white pineapple strawberries, mint, lemon balm and raspberries I picked in my garden are laying on a tray to dry - inspired by Melody - to make my own herbal tea or to blend with some of the green tea I have already.

The rest of my strawberries - the white one are Pineapple strawberries - they are sweet and taste delicious with a hint of pineapple.

My Black Russian tomatos are doing well and warm weather helps the pretty yellow flowers to grow into tomatos big and colorfull.

Have a wonderful 4th of july and peaceful weekend.

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  1. You have been so busy.
    I froze my remaining elderflower cordial in ice cube trays to use this winter, a little sunshine on a cold day.
    Love seeing your strawberries, they are so pretty.


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