4. juni 2014

Need more time ...

Do you know the feeling when there are not enough hours during the day?

I have some many ideas in my head of creative things I want to do .. like knitting, writing letters to my penpals, be creative with paper and glue, embroider an idea I've seen in a magazine and sew the finished into a bag for my knitting and I could go on.

I'm really good at starting a thing hovever when I'm sitting there enjoying myself lot´s of new and good ideas up into my head that I would also like to do.   

Oh well I guess some of my projects get done in time and lucky me I have my coffee machine ;-)

" A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. "
Denis Waitley

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Mette...that bag is just perfect! I had to apply the one project at a time rule, and this way, I am able to finish all the projects my heart wishes to make :~) thank you so much for sharing Mette ... mari

  2. What a talent you are, I think your bag is perfect too. I am a lot like you and want to work on a number of projects all at once. I have a painting that is half complete, along with embroidery projects and knitting projects that are all calling to me. What I really want is a kiln installed and then to get a potter's wheel, how fun!

  3. Åhhhhhh hvor jeg kender. Har en lang lang list over projekter og gode ideer. Og tro mig det hjælper ikke at gå i seng kl. 2-3 hver dag ;-) Knus

  4. Det kender jeg godt. Både manglende tid til det kreative, men desværre også fastholdelse i den gode proces. Nogle gange er der for meget i hovedet, så kan jeg ikke holde fokus :-)


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