20. juni 2014

Friday all ready ...

The week has been a fast one so I hope the weekend will be slow.

However tomorrow I´m helping my best friends food shopping for a birthday party sunday. Her mother is not feeling well and she is also going so we will be 3 take care, talking and looking out for her - while we shop.
I have to bake cupcakes and decorate them sunday for the b-day party - Mie will help me - I still need to find out which ones I´ll make:

How do these ones sound:
Lemon with poppie seeds and cream cheese topping
Elderflower juice and blueberries and meringues topping        
Raspberries with a chunk of white chokolate and topping ?

Also I have an idea that I have to find time to find some wild roses and dry the leafs - for now it is a secret what I´ll do with them.

Oh well the weekend sound busy already but in a good way.

I hope yours will be wonderful :)

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  1. How fun to have a birthday party to get ready for.
    That is an impressive list of cupcakes, they all sound so good, but the lemon,
    poppy seed with cream cheese sounds the best. Now I think I will have to
    bake a few cupcakes here :)
    Enjoy the weekend.


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