20. maj 2014

The swap " From your country" ...

In start of may I signed up for this swap organized by V

Today the mailman delivered a large and heavy package from my swap pal - sweet Tracey living in the US. Tracey has this wonderful blog with amazing pictures and quotes.
Lucky I was home today so I didn't have to wait one more day to go and pick it up at the local postoffice.
As I opened every piece my eyes and my smile got bigger and bigger. Let me share with you why and what was inside the package  - I feel like luckiest girl in my town.

See Tracey it arrived in 1 piece.   

Carefully wrapped in colorful paper.

All the wonderful things: Scent candles, Southern Living magazine, a magnet, Hershey´s the best chocolate, alligator earrings, yarn and a lovely letter,

A close up of the alligator earrings - my favorite.

And the softes and pretties colored yarn - the color is called: Pine Shadows

You see why I feel like luckiest girl in my town -  Tracey thank you so much for everything.

" Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. "
Marcel Proust

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  1. I'm am so happy the PO didn't wreck the package, it was close getting it all stuffed in the envelope to begin with :)
    It was a thrill to put everything together for you Mette. I have a post in the works with all the lovely items you sent my way. My picture of Lorraine, that's what I named her, is my favorite and I show everyone who walks in the door.

  2. Oh Mette...how wonderful these swaps are. I had such a good time putting the package together on the last one Vibeke hosted :) Enjoy your goodies :~) mari


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