5. maj 2014

Some days ..

are tougher than other days.
Today was one of them however when I was driving home from work it started raining and crazy as it sound it felt good - the rain washed some of my sadness away as did my base and my happy dogs when I came home.   

My camera helps me spotting the small things that makes me happy, a rock painted by my youngst 4 years ago, the pretties wild strawberry flowers and the ladies my dogs.  
Painted by Mie 

Luna - the old lady 11 years - not in the mood for having her picture taken <3
Papaya -  5 years - needs a haircut bad ly <3
Knitting 1 more sleeve and it is finish  :)
 Now I will go to sleep and hope for a easier tuesday. 

May your tuesday be beautiful.   

2 kommentarer:

  1. Knitting always makes the day better. I'm sorry you had such a yucky day and I hope your Tuesday is beautiful too.

  2. i wish you a beautiful and refreshing tomorrow dear Mette! may it be a sunfilled one : )

    i LOVE the Flow magazine. it is such a highlight for me when a new issue is waiting for me in my letter box. sitting down with it together with a cuo of tea is heaven on earth.



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