7. maj 2014

Senses ..

Tracey wrote on her beautiful blog about senses the other day  - read about here - 
This morning when I woke I could hear the rain so I stayed in bed for few mintues listening as the rain started softly and then it became heavier and heavier.
I love the smell after rain - the ground, the grass, the flowers and even the road smells more.      
I remembered Tracey words and smiled - Thanks Tracey for reminding me.

Home again from work I checked my Black Russian tomatoplants and yellow squashplants gave them some water as they needed it. I hope saturday will be warm enough to plant them outside.

I`m almost finished with my dark red cardigan and now I`m trying to figure out what to knit with my deep blue italian flax yarn - I like this God morgen-genser from Pickles very much     

Also I planted some flower seeds (bright eye and sweet pea flower) into some small growing pots I have them in my bedroomwindow together with a single tomatoplant, 


" Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby." 
Langston Hughes

4 kommentarer:

  1. Intet sonm regnen der kan få sanserne igang...... SMukke billeder. Som du nok har set på IG har vi haft regn idag for første gang meget længe og nok sidste gang det næste halve år. Åh lyden og duften♥♥♥ KNUS

    1. Sjovt så stor glæde regn giver hos jer :)
      Dejligt at høre fra dig ♥

  2. I wish we had a little of your rain, it's so hot and dry here, much too early for this type of weather.
    It's nice to stop and enjoy the little moments isn't it? I don't want to miss a thing, life is too short.
    Love, love, love your yarn!

    1. Should I mail you some rain :)
      No life is too short to miss out on the small things - and I love it ♥


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