3. maj 2014

A swap "From YOUR country" ...

I have for a couple of weeks been reading the wonderful blog "A butterfly in my hair" - if you have 5 minutes have a look at her blog.
A couple days ago Vibeke made a swap mail called "from your country" - A wonderful idea so I send her a mail to participate as I like to send mail the good oldfashion way.

So yesterday I received my swap mail partner in crime and not very long after I received a mail from Tracey - she also have a wonderful blog "Clover" with amazing quotes and pictures.

During this weekend I will go and look for things to send - as danish as possible - I already have some ideas.
Also after a week at work I need to reload with some knitting, reading my new magazine Flow and baking - the dough for the buns are resting in the fridge.


To all of you have a lovely weekend.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I am so excited about our swap. I have spent the day trying to think of things that are American to send you. This may be harder than I thought? :)
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Me too. At first I thought it is a bit hard however I found things that I like and as danish as possible :-)
      It will be on it way during the week.
      Have a fun monday and week.


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